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mating leopards behind the Oriole tent!

we had the most amazing night yesterday which started quiet... all our guest were seated around the fire enjoying the typical South African braai, when we heard a deep throat sound from behind the Oriole tent, roughly 200 metres from the boma. Our ranger took the torch and saw the heads and these typical green cat eyes of.... two leopards who were mating! We all stood up and got excited. We followed the instructions of the ranger Raz and made our way to the deck of the tent to listen to them, just seeing their eyes better in the bushes. We did not get to see them in full or closer by but the guests who occupied the tent heard them for a couple of hours more after we went to bed while or other guests at the other end of the camp heard lions roar very close by their tent, as well as a hyena and...another leopard panting!

It was a roaring night on the hilltop!!!

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