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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about staying with us at our authentic safari camp. If your answer is not here please contact us through our chat of via the contactpage.
  • What is included in my stay?
    Your stay includes the accomodation of your choice (luxury or classic tent), three daily meals, coffees & teas, one game drive per nightly stay, game drive snacks, free parking, wifi, free laundry and...a carwash before departure! Conservation levies, (300 ZAR for international guests and 100 ZAR for local guests) plus the gate fee (200 ZAR) Your bar bill, extra activities or massages are excluded and payable at check-out.
  • Are drinks included?
    We make use of an honesty bar for your beverages. We believe that this matches well with the intimate and personal atmosphere of our camp. You can safely drink our tapwater or you can purchase bottled water from the bar. We offer an interesting and balanced wine list with beautiful South African wines in different tiers. See wine list.
  • What is the best time to visit South Africa?
    South Africa has idyllic weather conditions year-round, making it one of the best travel destinations in the world. The weather is mostly sunny and pleasant, with summer temperatures ranging between 18- 35 degrees Celsius and winters between 12- 22 degrees celsius. T Wildlife viewing is generally the best during the dry season (June-October) because the lack of grass and foliage increases visibility and the animals and birds are forced to congregate around limited water sources, which makes them easier to spot. However, we also thoroughly recommend journeying to South Africa in the Summertime (November-May) when the savannah is green and lush, the woodlands teem with birdlife and new life is born! As you consider when you might be able to travel, we would also point out the following general influences: Whilst game viewing may be generally better in the dry season, this is not exclusively the case. Parts of the Greater Kruger Park can be unable to support game in the driest times and animals might migrate to other places for water Birding is often better during wetter months of the year, when breeding/ nesting may take place and migrant species are usually resident Greater Kruger Park is so established and productive for game viewing that even at the technically 'wrong' time of the year (wetter season) game viewing is still magnificent As weather patterns become harder to predict and 'peak' season can become increasingly expensive for flights, we would definitely recommend travelling whenever it suits you best.
  • What to pack?
    On safari, you need to be prepared for different temperatures and changing weather. The mornings can be cold and need a warm jersey, the days can be very warm and need shorts or swimming costume while at night you might need to protect your skin against mosquitos with long sleeves. Soft nature colours like khaki or beige are most suitable for your game drives and layering your clothing will keep you warmer and more flexible when the temperature rises. Here is a list of items to pack: (khaki) pants (khaki) shorts Long sleeve shirts Windbreaker or light jacket/ sweater swimming costume sturdy walking shoes sandals or slippers short-sleeved light shirts/ t-shirts hat sun protection/ mosquito repellent/ sunglasses binoculars photo camera/ chargers (we do have portable power banks available)
  • What is our payment and cancellation policy?
    We require a 50% deposit to secure your booking for you. A 50% balance payment is only required 30 days prior to arrival and a payment request for this will be sent to you well in advance. You can pay with 3-d secure credit card or EFT (SA only). You can pay for your extras such as your bar bill or activities at check-out in the lodge. We accept most credit cards and cash payments. Our cancellation policy takes effect 30 days before your check-in date. From this date, your payment is non-refundable.
  • What about COVID-19?
    Due to the current covid-19 circumstances, we will try to find solutions together in case that the circumstances won't allow you to travel. A proof of reason might be requested. We encourage our guests to accept a voucher in case of non travelling under the same conditions as the originally booking and without an expiration date. We are a small camp with a capacity of 8 guests and we have a calm and measured approach. Our main priority is safeguarding our guests and ensuring that nothing takes away from their experience of celebrating, exploring, inspiring and connecting. For that matter our team has been thoroughly trained in all areas of sanitisation and protocols required.
  • Do you cater for vegetarians and vegans?
    Yes. We facilitate for each and everyone, however if you have a gluten free, lactose, vegan or other diet we need to be informed upfront in order to be able to prepare for this. We always send out pre-arrival e-mails where we remind you to let us know about possible requirements from your side. We try where we can and within our capacity to cater for everyone and to give you the best possible food experience.
  • Malaria information
    Kruger Park is a malaria risk zone. You should be aware of the risk but it should not stop you from coming to Kruger and enjoying your African safari! There are over a million visitors to the Kruger Park and only a few cases of malaria reported. Malaria is a higher risk during the wet season between October and May, with the months February to May being the peak risk period. We recommend that you consult your GP for the correct prophylactic to prevent malaria if you feel more comfortable with anti-malarial medication. A course of anti-malarial medication will need to be taken at least a week before travelling- so be sure to consult your GP well before you travel. TIPS How to avoid getting malaria: Cover your arms and legs as the evening approaches. Use light coloured clothing to cover exposed skin areas - especially around the ankles. Wear long sleeved shirts, long trousers, socks and closed shoes. Apply insect repellent to exposed skin areas every 4-6 hours.
  • Do you accept children?
    We welcome children over the age of 12 or all ages when the camp is booked for Private Use.
  • We like to book activities, how do we arrange this?"
    In our area there is a lot to do and we can advise you and help you plan your stay with us. For some activities, a pre-booking is necessary so we love to hear your plans as early as possible and help you to create a balanced and interesting program. The best way to explore is to book a package where we have already tailored a balanced program for you at an interesting package rate. Find out more about our Packages here or check the activities page for more details.
  • Is self driving allowed on your reserve?
    Parsons Hilltop is member of the Balule Game Reserve and part of the Greater Kruger National Park, which has an acclaimed Protected Area Status. As such we comply with the rules of the Greater Kruger Park and these rules do not allow self drive and/ or off road driving. Parsons Hilltop has various designated game drive routes where our ranger will take you on safaris. Having not many lodges around us, the game drives are personal, quiet and mostly with not more than 4-6 guests maximum. We do not need to line up with other vehicles before we can get closer to a sighting. In most of the cases we will be enjoying these by ourselves in privacy.. See for more information Parsons Nature Reserve.
  • What animals are around?
    Parsons Hilltop is situated within the Greater Kruger Park, in Balule Game Reserve. This entire area is unfenced and openly connected to the world renowned Kruger National Park. This means that all (big five) animals can roam freely from the Kruger Park up to the hilltop. We have regular sightings of lion and elephant and often find tracks of leopard or hyena in the morning. We have all big five visiting on Parsons Nature Reserve. Once every while packs of wilddog make Balule their home and permanent residents are: giraf, zebra, kudu, wildebeest, waterbuck, impala amongst many other species. We have an abundance of wildlife and birdlife (over 220 species). During our safaris we focus on ALL the wonders of nature and that makes your game drive and bush walk fascinating, interesting and unforgettable.
  • How do I get to Parsons Hilltop?
    If you are flying to Johannesburg or Cape Town, you can decide to fly from these airports directly to Hoedspruit airport (HDS east gate airport). There are two flights in the morning and we can arrange for you to be picked up by us at the airport upon arrival. You can find the fees for this here. You can also easily self-drive from Johannesburg. We can advice you about possible routes and stops. Please ask if you need more information. The road condition is better on some routes but do-able on all. The safety is good but you are advised, as goes for everywhere unknown, to travel with common sense and to avoid to travel at night. Our gates close at 19.30 in the evening.
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