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Dining at Parsons Hilltop

Africa on a plate

We have created a flavoursome menu offering that connects all the exotic flavours and influences from Africa on your plate. The traditional braai (barbecue) around the open fire at our authentic safari camp is a brilliant get together for sharing stories, while you get your meat cooked to perfection in the traditional way.

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Local is lekker

With our embracement of supporting responsible tourism we only use the local community for buying all our ingredients from which our kitchen chef creates heavenly ethnic meals.


Dietary Requests

Our chef prepares a daily varied menu, with vegetarian dishes being part of the menu plan. Being remote in the bush and far away from suppliers it is advisable to inform us well in advance about special dietary request you might have. If we know that you are vegan or gluten-fr, we will prepare a delicious adapted menu for your stay with greatest pleasure.


Game Drive Snacks

When we stop for a sundowner we present to you the original billtong, a form of dried, cured beef or game meats, among dried fruits, fresh veggie & dips and locally produced roasted nuts or corn. Of course this all is accompanied by locally brewed GT or refreshing other drinks.


Our wine selection

Wine lovers can expect to find a carefully curated selection of South Africa's best and most unique wines.


Each wine on this menu has been personally sourced, tasted and selected by our local wine experts to ensure a broad variety of the highest quality. We set out to offer something exceptional for everyone; from brut and rosé sparkling wines, crisp or buttery-toasty whites, to light-, medium- and heavier-bodied reds, we hope you will recognise (or perhaps discover new) personal favourites.


We hope that this wine menu will allow you to choose the wine(s) that will be memorable. We can also arrange for you to order wines to take home, to revive the good moments upon your return.

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