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We offer you a variety of body treatments that can be booked in advance when making your reservation. Whether it be for facials, hand & feet treatments or couple massage on your private dec, we can arrange all for you. Our professional team of masseuses make use of the supreme and local Godding & Godding silk based natural products. You will find these luxury and delicious amenities also in your bathroom. If you like to indulge yourself and bring the memory home, we can arrange any of these products for you to take home. Click here for pre-orders from Godding&Godding, that can be added to your booking and waiting for you at your arrival.


1300 ZAR

1200 ZAR

1300 ZAR

1300 ZAR

800 ZAR

700 ZAR

600 ZAR

600 ZAR

700 ZAR

700 ZAR

900 ZAR

1100 ZAR

Body treatments

*  Minimum booking is 700 ZAR, please book in advance at

Swedish Full Body Massage 60 min.

Aroma Therapy Massage 60 min.

Deep Tissue Massage 60 min.

Hot Stone Massage 60 min.

Back Neck and Shoulder 30 min.

Indian Head Massage 30 min.

Foot Ritual Massage 30 min.

Hands Ritual Massage 30 min.

Nail Caire and Face Manicure


Deep Cleanse Facial

Mini Facial, Foot and Hands


If you like to have a cardio work-out at our authentic safari camp (and not from running for a lion) we offer you our cross-fit trainer to keep up with your daily routine.

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